Friday, November 21, 2008

This Raya was my dad's turn..
So me n my brother went back to Muar a day before Raya.
It was so great..most of my cousins are there..
but then, that is not what i want to talk about..
i'll come to that later..
what i want to share with u guys is..
i finally able to make a ketupat..
OMG!! after all those years learning..
at the age of 19(mase tu 19 lg la kan..hihihi) baru dapat buat..huhuhu..
ade la juga perasaan bangga terhadap diri sendiri..hihihi....
it took me a few damage daun to get ot right but at last i did..
ayah was laughing but i don't mind..
it is not that easy i tell you..
but in my oppinion, we should learn how to do it..
if we,n the rest of our generation do not make an effort or even care to learn..
soon i am very sure it will fades away..
raya wont be the same without ketupat..
so try it..d process is a bit tedious while we r learning..
but it is worth the time..daa...
i love eating it more than making it..hahaha..
obviously right??..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My 1st with a 3series..

well,it was a very sad Thursday..
it was another few days to raya and i was left alone at d hostel..
as s result..i asked pejal to sent me to kuang ktm station so i can get to klcc..

where, fortunately my aunt was staying d night at d hotel opposite it..
the next day we decide to travel back to jay bee..
i was soo excited to be on my way dat i didn't realize she was a bit tired..
she drove until air keroh n we switched place..
can u imagine..ok im not trying to boast here..
its just d matter of im not really from a wealthy family..
so for d very 1st time..
i was given permission to drive her new BMW 3series..
some people might say 3series je..
but what really impress me most is, d feel of handling it..
it was a superbly comfy car and could really go quiet fast n it is easy to handle..
at times i used d auto drive so it makes it more easier..
i was not tired of pressing d accelerator and thank god i didn't fall asleep..

this blog might be a bit smug,
but..i dont tend to be so..
i just wanna share d excitement i felt,
to be driving such car at d age of 19..
maybe others have d advantages or opportunity to drive it all d time but not me..

i put a pic, its d same but d reg no is diff of course.. hehehe

Thursday, September 25, 2008


this was one of the movie i watched recently with my eiby.. to some people..wall-e might be a boring animated story.. but not 4 me..i find wall-e as a very sweet and adorable creature.. d story line of this movie has move me..can u imagine? a mere robot having feelings..d feeling of needing someone else in his life.. What transpires is a delightful and almost heartbreakingly tender love story
between these two expressive and adorable character.
The cold exterior of Eva was really disappointing compared to wall-e caring nature. It really show us that a tender loving heart n caring treatment from a guy would break d coldest heart no matter how..even a robot..well technically its a story but it is still acceptable...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another 6 days till Raya felt like yesterday was d first day of fasting month..
sedar sedar dah 24 hari kita berpuasa..
this whole month hasn't been that good..
no mood for class n malas gile nak wat assignment..
the weather doesn't help much too..panas mcm tuuutt...
d sad part ptptn loan is not cash in yet..boley jd gile x dpt shopping!!!

class..n friends..let see..
every one is not up to their usual bubbly self...
semua tension with d upcoming test n micro teaching..
guess wutt? i'm going first!!
i guess it was a moment of insanity dat makes me volunteer myself..
sally came up next..pity dragged into it too..
me n sally went to hangout at eny's place for d weekend..
gile sakit perut every morning after having sahur at Sarah Maju..
'fyi' d mamak is call sarah maju..tapi.....
'SARAH' x maju2 jugak..
agagaga...(lama x mkn agar2)

well dats all for now..
didi daa...